Jacqui completed an Interior Design Degree at KVB Institute of Technology founded in 1978 (renamed to Raffles College of Design and Commerce in 2007). KVB was and remains a private higher education provider based in Sydney, Australia making it one of the longest-established art schools in Sydney.

Jacqui is inspired by calm soft neutral spaces and palettes, with splashes of rich colour. She likes to use strong lines to create harmonious layers of interest while ensuring there is no one element which dominates.

Jacqui is passionate about creating aesthetically pleasing yet functional designs and specialises in all types of residential services from plans for council to plans for kitchens and bathrooms, down to the selection of fixtures and furniture and project management to ensure that all client expectations are met both on anticipated project completion and budget.

Jacqui always feels inspired and privileged to be a part of creating personal, original and comfortably sophisticated interiors for clients. She likes to ensure that her clients are left feeling relaxed and inspired by their surroundings.